Sparkling Wines


The vineyards, situated in the finest wine producing regions of Puglia near the Gargano Promontory, guarantee the exceptional quality of the La Porta wines. Thus, in a few years the sparkling wines produced become five: Brut , Pas Dosé , Brut Rosé , Cuvée Reserve 1950.
At the base of the entire production of Sparkling Wines La Porta, there is the use of wines made from indigenous grape varieties, such as Bombino Bianco.
Dina was Felix’s wife, the person who’s helped the growth of of the winery more than any other. She believed in this project and may well be regarded as the inspirer and the founder of the winery.
To her memory is dedicated the most prestigious bottle of our entire production: the Cuvée that has a refined and balanced taste.


Brut with the classical method, is the result of a careful selections of wines produced by Bombino Bianco San Severo.
Slightly sweet is ideal for special occasions and to be enjoyed during moments of rest.

Cuvée 1950 Dina

Refined, delicate, balanced, original as well as Dina, founder of the winery and inspirator of this couvée. Obtained by a wise mix of wines produced from grapes of Bombino Bianco and Fiano.

Pas Dosé

Pas Dosé is obtained by classical method and produced entirely from grapes of Bombino Bianco, carefully selected without the integration of the Liqueur d’expedition. Great companion for all types of events.


Classic method sparkling wine produced with grapes of Bombino Bianco from San Severo, vinified in old oak barrels. Fine and elegant, distinctive flavor. Reserved for enthusiast.


Rosé, classical method, is a sparkling wine produced from grapes of Montepulciano and Bombino Bianco carefully selected.